Thursday, September 2, 2010

All's well that ends well!

I have been missing my jaunts across the river to Port Huron to buy my scrappy supplies. Since they made it necessary to have a passport I haven't been able to go and to add insult to injury, the only scrapbooking store in town closed. Well since my supplies were getting dangerously low (in my mind they were and that was what counted) I decided to make the hour plus drive to London to go to Micheal's. I went online and printed of a couple of their 40% off coupons to take with me.
I was shocked at their prices, in essence, I couldn't afford them. I did pick up an album because they had a three ring binder type and I love those and had been looking for one for Niagara Falls photos but hadn't been able to find one anywhere else. It was regular price $34.99 but on sale for $17 so that was good. I also found a couple pads of paper that I liked but most of the pads were paper that I would never use.
I also picked up two MS punches that I liked and were marked at $16.99 so I figured we would each use a coupon for those and get them at 40% off. When we got to the cashier however, she informed me that that was the sale price so we couldn't use the coupons.. needless to say I put the punches back.
I decided to go to another store that someone on the My Sketch World forum had told me about, it was in Kilworth not far from London. Scrapping Great Deals was a delight! They have everything a scrapbooker could ever want or need. Remember the two punches on sale at Micheals, well I got those at SGD for only $13.99 plus they had 25% off everything in the store. Oh I really dropped a bundle, so I am well stocked for now. I really should have picked up that tin of Maya Road chipboard though it was a good price. Oh well, they are also an online store so maybe they will start accepting E-Transfers as a way of payment (I suggested it to them and she said she would think about it) and then I can shop online instead of making the long drive.
Well School's in at ScrapDango and those gals can really come up with the challenges! I will need to be on my scrappy toes for the next month. The first challenge was a doozey!\
First Period Math!
Since we are here in math class, I need you to include some mathy things on your projects. Three items will be required and the last one you choose from those I've listed or create your own for some math extra credit!

*include grid/graph paper
*include 2 or more geometric shapes (squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, etc.)
*include numbers

Extra Credit:
*make a pattern somehow
*include a mathematical symbol
*include a ruler
I also had a layout sketch challenge to do from My Sketch World so I used that sketch and did both challenges together. Here is my finished layout. I used photos of a bird that caught my eye at the Bird and Reptile Kingdom. I could barely take my eyes off it I was so enchanted by it.

Here are a couple more that I have completed from my Falls photos.
Here is the tiny room we had. We were lucky to find a room that was dirt cheap but not a dump. It had a queen size bed, TV, Air conditioning, fridge, Wifi and even had free breakfasts.

This is the only ride we went on. We were both pretty scared when we first go it but it didnt take long before we were enjoying every second of it. Nice air conditioned cars and a view to die for!

This is a photo I took of Alan standing in front of a huge maple leaf in the Floral Show House gardens.

Of course one dont go to Niagara Falls without going to the falls themselves. They are so breath taking! The noise can almost swallow you up and the mist seems to be constant. We were going to take a ride on the Maid of the Mist but the lineups where just too long. If it had been a bit cooler maybe we would have waited in the lineup but it was unbearably hot and we had taken the ride once before so we decided to not bother.

I just cant believe that I, without anyone forcing me at knifepoint, walked into this cage contraption and allowed myself to be carried across the gorge, over surging waters, with the only thing holding me up being a few wires! It must have been the heat of the day doing weird things to my brain because I KNOW that under normal circumstance there is no way you would get me on that thing!

I still have the photos that I took from the Aero Car to scrap.
It is back to school on Tuesday, so I hope Janet will have some back to school pics for me. Samantha starts school this year so I definitely want pics of her first year.

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Bev said...

fabulous layouts.. great colours, designs and detailing.. congrats.