Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer is almost gone!

I cant believe that summer is almost over. I dont want it to be over yet, seems it just started and if it is almost over that means that winter is close and I really really dont want winter. We have had a good summer though so I suppose I shouldnt really complain.
If you have noticed that I am not using an apostrophe, it is because my keyboard goes into fits and at a whim will turn itself into a french keyboard turning my apostrophe key into a รจ key. I have no idea why it does it nor when it will or wont do it. It is also the same for my question mark key and my quotation key. It bugs me no end but it has been doing it now for over three years and I still havent figured it out. It goes in spurts.
I thought I had finished my Bird album but I found another bird that I hadnt done so I did it today. The Red Tailed Hawk. I was so proud of getting that bird too. We were leaving the park because it was pouring rain and it had been a rather disappointing day. I spotted him sitting in the tree but I couldnt take my camera out in the rain to get a good shot because it would have ruined the camera, so I shot him through the windshield. I took about thirty shots and only one shot turned out without the wipers being in the shot.

We have been having a wonderful time over at My Sketch World with an ABC Crop. Each day we were given a letter of the alphabet and directions for scrapping it. One day would be a card and the next would be a layout. Today was the last day. I think I am going to miss it. I still have one more card to make because I missed Y is for yellow..

Day one was A is for adornment, use lots of bling on the card. I used sparkly paper and bling in the center of the flower.

Day two was B is for border punch. I used my favourite punch and created my Winter Wren layout which I already posted previously.

Day three was C is for Clouds and we had to create a card with a cloud on it.

Day four was D is for dots and we had to create a layout using paper with dots on it.
I created the layout for my House Wren which I previously posted.

Day five was E is for event and we had to create a card for an event. I made a Congrats on your wedding card.

Day six was F is for four photos and we had to create a layout using for photos. I created a double page layout of the Floral Show House in Niagara Falls.

Day 7 was G is for girly green and we had to create a card that was girly with green on it. This is the card I made.

Day 8 was H is for hot and we had to create a layout with red, orange and yellow. I created the layout for the Wood Thrush which I already posted.

Day 9 was I is for inky and we had to create a card using lots of ink. I made sure to ink my edges lots for this one.

Day 10, J is for Jimminy Cricket and we had to create a layout that had a critter somewhere on it. I did the layout of the Wood Thrush which I have already posted.

Day 11, K is for kiss and we had to create a card with the word kiss on it.

Day 12, L is for love and we were to create a layout about our significant other or someone we loved or cared about. I did this one of Alan at the Floral Show House.

Day 13, M is for more, we were to make a card using five layers. Easy peasy.

Day 14, N is for naked and we were to create a layout using naked chipboard. I created the layout of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird which I have previously posted.

Day 15, O is for Owl and yes, you guessed it, we were to make a card with an owl on it.

Day 16, P is for pins and needles. Create a layout with stitching on it. Good thing we were allowed to use faux stitching. Once again the layout I created was previously posted, the Robin layout.

Day 17, Q is for quick and cute card sketch. Love the sketch challenges.

Day 18, R is for ready and was a title challenge. We had to use the word ready in the title of our layout. I had the perfect photos all waiting and ready to use for this challenge. I had gone to my daughters a few weeks earlier with the warning that I was coming to take pictures and they were all waiting and eager.

Day 19, S is for Swirly Stamp Sweetness and we had to create a card with swirls and a stamp on it. I had to use swirly paper because I dont have a swirly stamp.

Day 20, T is for two techniques and we were required to use two distressing techniques on our layout. Janet had just sent me some pictures of their dog, Brownie, chasing a Cormorant, and I just had to use them. Poor Brownie, the bird tormented him so much. It would stay there in the water until Brownie was almost upon it and then he would dive and Brownie would be so confused.

Day 21, U is for U, we had to use U as the word on a card.

Day 22, V is for verse and we had to create a layout using a verse or poem. As you can tell by now I am working on my vacation pictures. Once again I did a double layout using photos from the Floral Show House.

Day 23, W is for wish and we had to create a card with the word wish on it.

Day 24, X is for X marks the spot, the spot being a big circle. We had to create a layout with a circle at least 6 inches on it. Once again I used photos from the Floral Show House.

Day 25, Y is for yellow and we have to create a card with at least three different papers with yellow in them. I still have to do this one.

Day 26, Z is for Zebra and we had to create a layout that was all black and white with one other colour. I did the layout of the Red Tailed Hawk pictured above.

So has you can see, things have been happening over at MSW. I am going to have to find something else to fill my time now that the crop is over.

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Jackies.. some amazing work.. fabulous job on LO's