Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scrap Happy Day

We took the van to the vehicle hospital today so I am stuck close to home for the next little while until she gets all better. :) I decided to scrap some old photos that were sitting on my desk for a while.
The first one is my oldest brother and my cousin taken many years ago. My uncle's store has long since gone up in smoke. Harry lives somewhere out West and my brother lives down East. I lifted one of my older layouts for this one. Can you guess that I love buttons and ribbon on a layout?

The next one is a photo I took of my darling daughter the day she got her driver's liscense.. she is holding her liscense and her car keys.. the car she bought the day before. She was just bubbling over.

This one is my oldest grandson, Donald when he was 20 months old, riding his trike.. gotta love that look on his face. Looks like he is thinking he has mastered the world.

The last one is of my precious babies, Braque and Rafferty. Gosh how much I miss them both. There will never be another two cats like them, NEVER. It didn't matter where I was, they had to be draped over me and most of the time it was hard to imagine them being comfortable.

That's it for me today, I am going to take some more pain killers and try to get some sleep. I am giving this back one more week and then I am heading to the ER if it isn't any better. I am certainly not going to work on Friday if it doesn't let up some by then.


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Jackie! I love the brown and blue one.

Colleen said...

Jackie those are great and I love that first layout, beautiful

regulargal said...

It amazes me how many LO's you crank out! Great LO's too! Don't you just love doing the older pics and remembering the stories/events behind them? I'm so behind on those myself!