Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cats Rule

In my home Cats rule. They rule everything and that includes us. We jump to do their bidding. Now mind you we don't go out of our way for them, not us, ugh ugh.. we just let them think they have us trained. Sure and if you believe that I have some land for sale in Toronto too. Okay so we are a family who happen to love our cats but I have to tell you that Braque and Rafferty were special. There was something about them that just got to you and you had to love them to distraction. Have you ever been going to say something and it just didn't come out the way you meant to say it? Well that is how Braque got his name. Janet meant to say "the brat attacked me" but it came out "Braque me" and it sounded so neat and it fit him perfectly.. after that his name was Braque. Rafferty came from Riff Raff.. he was nothing but skin and bones and looked like a bit of riff raff when we got him. The two were nothing but trouble from day one. If there was something they could get into, they were into it. I remember Janet would say "thank goodness he's stopped purring so he is dead asleep .. shhh for God's sake don't wake him" after Braque (he was her cat)would conk out. But fun, oh my gosh, they were hilarious to watch. Braque could not eat anything that he didn't first chase and kill, it didn't matter that it was already killed, cooked and canned.. he still had to chase it around the house, catch it and kill before he could eat it. We quickly learned NEVER to feed HIM from the table.
Rafferty loved his aquarium, he would spend hours watching and playing with his fish. If the fish didn't swim around enough for his liking he would dip his paw into the water and bat at the fish to get them swimming and then sit back and watch again. Braque on the other hand loved to play with Digger in the plants. I had a houseful of plants and Digger was my white Teddybear hampster. Braque would play hide and seek with Digger in the plants.. needless to say, Digger was much better at this game than Braque was. Neither Braque nor Rafferty ever hurt any of the fish or Digger in their games. As a matter of fact, Braque always let us know when Medusa (the eel) escaped from the aquarium. We cried for weeks when we had to have those animals put down. Braque in particular hurt for a long time. We will never forget them nor will another animal ever replace them.

Here is a layout I did of Janet having a discussion with Braque about playing games on her computer.. he loved to play games on the computer too.

This is an old photo I dug up of my mother with my youngest brother,and my aunt with my cousin. The photo is not very good but I have to work with what I have.

Next up is a photo of my youngest grandson, Daniel. I caught him in the act of rearranging my cupboards when he was visiting one day a couple of years ago. So innocent looking! :)

Another old photo, this time of my oldest brother. He was working in my Uncle Bob's store. I am not sure exactly when the photo was taken but we moved from the island in 1959 so it had to be before the move.

Gonna go take a gander at the evening news before I do some more scrapping.

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Colleen said...

Girl you are really on a roll. I am loving your older photos and the layouts you have created with them.