Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Am Moved!

The big day came and went without too much fuss. Never mind that I was too sick to hold my head up straight. We managed to get ourselves from point A to point B without any breakage or losing anything. I am so happy with the new place, it is so very quiet here. Even the stupid cat loves it here. For the first time in her life she can actually sit in the windows and look outside. Of course for the first couple of days she spent all her time hiding in the depths of the bed and wouldn't come out for anything or anyone. Eventually she started exploring and decided it wasn't such a bad place after all. She loves the new rocker/recliners because she has so much more room to stretch out on them than she did on the old ones. It was funny to watch her face the first couple of times when she jumped up on them though and they rocked, she wasn't used to that and wasn't sure what she should do but it didn't take her long to discover that the rocking soon stopped when she stopped moving, so all was fine.

Here are some pics of the new place, remember these were taken before everything was all unpacked and put away... heck that still hasn't happened!
My craft room:

The computer room:

Now I did have one accident during the unpacking part of the move. A box attacked me and left me with quite a shiner. Gotta watch those boxes, they are lean mean fighting machines!


Colleen said...

Ouch, that looks like it hurt. I love your place, it looks very spacious. Now you can get scrapping again and I can't wait to see more of beautiful layouts.

melody said...

WOW ~ nice place chickie! so glad you're getting settled in! your new home looks fabulous ~ and LOVE your scrappy space! that is kewl! sorry to hear about your black eye ~ OUCH! hugz chickie

GinniG said...

OUCH!!! Hope your eye is better really soon!!! I love your new place! It looks light and airy and roomy! :) Congrats on the new scrap loft!!

Anonymous said...

Your new place looks nice. I was glad to see you on Lovebug again too. Hope the shiner doesn't cause too much discomfort. And I love your cat story. Gail D

regulargal said...

The new place looks great - you must love it. Too bad about your eye! Hope it heals soon.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! Watch out for the boxes. I am so jealous of your scrap loft. What a great space! I will be moving into the closet when we move. I love your kitchen! It reminds me so much of one from one of our first apartments. It was so homey and we have such wonderful memories from there. I'm so glad that you're move went well.