Friday, January 16, 2009

Excitement Mounts

I haven't posted because there really isn't anything much to post. I am getting more and more excited about the move. The actual moving day is the 24th and I can't wait. I have bought my fridge and stove and a new pair of rocker/recliners. I am thrilled with that purchase because I got amazing deals on them. I got a $1700 fridge and stove for only $1100 and I got $200 reduced off each chair just because the shades were not an exact match and it was the last two they had like it... like duh, hasn't anyone ever told them that all the shades of green match!!! Any interior decorator could tell them that, that was one of the first things I learned. Can you tell it doesn't take much to get me excited? I guess it is easy to tell that I don't get a lot of new furniture. LOL I wouldn't be getting the chairs but they are our anniversary gifts to each.. a little early.

I am almost all packed, the little that is left has to be left til the last day and it won't take long to put it in boxes. I am going to call my new landlord one day next week to see if he will let me in the house to measure for curtains, I know I have sheers to fit the large living room window but I also know I don't have anything that will fit any of the other windows so I would like to get out next week and either get the curtains or fabric to make the curtains before I make the actual move. Since there is also a smaller window in the living room I need to see if I can find the same material to make a matching sheer for that window. I am keeping my fingers crossed that FabricLand will still have some. That is where I bought the fabric for the large sheers that I have.

I just hope that I can sleep soon, I have so many little details going through my mind.. things popping up that I am trying not to forget to do, that I haven't been able to sleep.. last night I didn't sleep at all. Of course it didn't help that I had a 13 pound fur ball insisting on sleeping on my face. STUPID CAT!!! What can I say, she is so lovable when she curls up like that all purry and cuddly.. kneading my cheeks.. STUPID CAT!! gets fur up my nose and I can't breathe! She knows something is up with the boxes all over the place and everything looking so bare and I think she is just a tad bit scared because she won't stay alone anywhere. If we are downstairs she has to be right there beside us and if we are upstairs she follows us there. Not like her, she would normally spend her day sleeping in my recliner no matter where we were. Aw well, she's a sensitive ole puss that one. Maybe she remembers the last time the house was full of boxes and she ended up in a crate.

Only a week to go, can I survive?


GinniG said...

Jackie I'm so excited for you! From one who has moved a million times in her life, keep a little notebook or paper and pen or pencil next to your bed to write things down. It might help you sleep at night. :) Hope you can find your fabric! Can't wait to see your new place! {{{HUGS}}} GF!!

melody said...

whohoo chickie ~ so excited for you! a new home..a new scrappy room ~ everything fresh! you go girl..can't wait to see new pics

Colleen said...

So exciting and yet so much work. Great time to do some sorting and get rid of stuff no longer needed. I have missed you.

Make sure you take lots of pictures of the old and of the new.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for your move! I get excited over new furniture too. Try and get some sleep! I know how it is though, I can't even begin to tell you how many lists I have for things to do before our move. Are you counting down the days yet like we are?

Shelley said...

Jackie, good luck on the move. I know how daunting it can be. As Ginni said, write things down. It will make you feel real good as you cross off each item that you have have completed. You can scrap book your lists along with your receipts when you are all finished moving.

KerrynF said...

Not long to go now Jackie, hope the moves goes smoothly for you.
I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new place!

melody said...

missin ya! HUGS