Friday, November 7, 2008

Gotta Love This Weather!

We have been having such beautiful weather around here that I have been loathe to stay inside. Yesterday, we decided that since the forecast was calling for a cold front to move in this weekend bringing an end to seasonably warm weather, we would head to our favourite spot. The trails at Rondeau Park. Oh my Gosh!!! How can anyone with any sense in their heads look at all that beauty and not believe in creation? I think we must have spent at least half an hour longer on each trail than they we normally did because we were so awed by the splendour lying all around us. At one point I had to stop and worship God for a while. It was just tremendous. I filled my CF card. LOL
After we got our fill we decided to surprise Janet and headed off for West Lorne. Once there, Janet and myself spent the afternoon romping with her dog in the back yard. We had such a fun time. Good thing Alan had his camera and don't take as many photos as I do because we proceeded to fill his CF card too. Of course he grumbled about that, but we didn't mind in the least.

Donald was home from school because he managed to slice his thumb while playing with his pocket knife in the dark of all things. He said to his father that he guess he shouldn't use it in the dark to which his father replied "that is a good rule of 'thumb'".. very funny! Anyway, I was suggesting to him that he might want to start being very good and getting good grades in school because we are thinking of taking them to Newfoundland, P.E.I.,Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick with us next summer.. but only if they are good between now and then. He was extremely excited with that idea and is hoping that they do get to go. I didn't dare tell him that they are going for sure just in case something should happen and we don't go. That would break their hearts. However, I wanted them to have something to look forward to and to plan during the long winter. I know I can't wait for next summer to come. I am so looking forward to it... there are some scrappers back there that I want to finally meet for one thing, plus some cemetaries to visit... oh and so many other things. It has been so long since I have been home.

Anyway, here are some pics from yesterday, I can't wait to scrap them. :)

And here we are just romping away with the dawg!

Now, for my faithful readers.. if you like and use plain satin and would like some I have a ton of the stuff. I don't have a huge range of colours though. I have 1/10", 1/4", 1/2", and 1 1/2". So please email me with your preferences and the colours you definitely don't want and your addy okay also leave a comment here.


regulargal said...

What GREAT pictures! Love the dog profile. Can't wait to see what you scrap with them... Sorry, I have no idea what I'd do with plain satin. LOL

Anonymous said...

Gosh what gorgeous pictures! I so have to come visit some day.

creative said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos Jackie. It is so wonderful to see some photos of you ... You look so very happy!!

melody said...

beautiful photos! can i have your camera? pweeze! (with sugar on top)lol

Jean Marie said...

What a beautiful day you had for a stroll!! photos are wonderful!!