Saturday, November 8, 2008

Workaday no Play time.

Schedules at my work mean about as much as paper money in a monopoly game. I may be scheduled to have the weekend off but that doesn't mean I am going to have it off as this weekend is proof. However, I did get one layout thrown together this morning before I had to go to work. I really like the way this one jut fell together. I have had these leaves since the first year I started scrapbooking, I received them in a swap and was never sure what I would use them for and even thought of tossing them at one point.

Here is a layout I did yesterday for a challenge on a dear friends blog. She challenges us to step out of our box. I told her that I stepped so far outside my box that I fell into the pickle barrel. :)
I never use this many different paper companies on a single layout, I have used five here. Also I rarely use paper blocking and this is the first time that I have combined B/W and colour photos on a layout. Plus, I rarely use these huge alphas!

Okay in my last post I offered up some satin.. it should have read satin RIBBON. :)
I have oodles of it so don't be shy if you would like some. Personally I love to use it on both my layouts and cards mixed with a bit of lace. I used yellow on the first layout to give it a bit of pop and black on the layout above.


Pinky said...

Love those pages! I know what you mean about no time to scrap!

Colleen said...

Jackie I love the autumn page, it pops off the black paper.

You sure are kind about all the satin ribbon but I can't believe you are giving away the precious stuff.

melody said...

love those colors on the first lo jackie..yummy!
and all those pics on the 2nd..awesome work chickie..(i especially love that one of the dog and you and the ground)

Jean Marie said...

You really did justice to those beautiful photos !!
Great work, Jackie!

PS. to answer your question,Jackie, they are rub on flourishes by Heidi Grace,
found them at WalMarts.

ALLY said...

Wow Jackie! Your work is awesome! Love the first one!

TAG... check out my blog for details!

Just Jess said...

glad you kept those leaves- they are perfect. I love how you did the tearing too