Friday, October 24, 2008

Such a Boring LIfe!

I think I have the most boring life of anyone. Now see I wasn't going to bother to update this here blog because I didn't have anything to bother updating it with. But oh no, I got this wonderful online scrappy friend out on the west coast who won't let me get away with that. When I told her that I had a boring day her reply was
"melz here says: so write about that"
"Jackie says: you have an answer for everything don't ya"
"melz here says: yep"
So you see I have to write about my boring day. I don't have gorgeous West Coast scenery to take drives, So here we go.
9;30am drag sorry butt out of bed.. head for washroom, get tripped by the stupid cat who thinks I am going downstairs and who is chanting meaowwwww meaowwwwwww meowwwwwww. For those of you who are cat challenged, that means Yippee Yippee breakfast. (I don't know why I get tripped every morning, she does the same thing every morning so you would think I would learn)
9:35am drags self into computer room..note I do NOT go downstairs to feed the stupid cat as that is Alan's territory. (You would think she would learn this as it happens the same way every morning)..takes meds.
10:00am makes way back to the bathroom, must have a shower..(omit this entire paragraph if it isn't a work day) after shower heads to bedroom to get dressed.
10:30am back to the computer room and the computer.
11:15am now I head downstairs to get myself some oatmeal. Must get that cholestrol down you knnow. Janet says she can NOT afford for me to die right now.
11:45am tis out the door and across the street to work.
Now this time is totally flexible. Normally it is 6:00pm but it can be as early as 4:30 upwards to 9:00pm.. everything else is pretty much the same. (adjusting the times as needed.. eg we don't have dinner at 4pm)
6:15pm Missi.. Missi... I'm home... a few minutes play time with the stupid cat. (she likes to play peek a boo with me)
6:30pm watches evening news .. inbetween times am preparing supper.
7:00pm watches Wheel of Fortune.. hey give me a break it's about the only tv I watch... eats supper.
7:30pm heads upstairs to the computer room..
9:30pm takes my meds
10:00pm heads to bed.
That's my busy day.. you should read all about my non-busy day. :)


melody said...

OMG...crack me up!
that's halarious

regulargal said...

Your life sounds much like mine at times - sleep, eat, work. lol I think someone likes that "stupid cat" more than she is letting on!!!

creative said...

Many of us lead very straight forward lives like that Jackie. I totally love Wheel of Fortune.

When my kids were small, they would shout out letters at the tv set when it was on. Very cute!!!

Have a super fabulous day!