Saturday, October 25, 2008

After Freaky Friday!

Last night was Freaky Friday at Scrapbook Heaven. All sorts of freaky goings on over there... it was spooky. There were ghost stories, costumes..... oh yeah you can tell it is getting close the betwitching hour now. The ghoulish and spooktactular challenges that were hurled through the night, floated around us like wisps of fog. You could almost hear the haunting laughter of the DT has they just flung them like lightning bolts. Doors creaked, hushed footsteps on the stairs, the meowing of a cat sent shivers down the spine.. but it was just Alan .. and I continued with my layout.
I only got two done but there were so many eerie distractions. Candles were flickering as I took out my knife, I was going to carve that black body.. I needed it for the layout after all.
The challenge required a black creature, it didn't matter what it was but it HAD to have a black creature. So I carefully cut one out of my treasured horde of cardboard. LOL Then while I was waiting for the paint to dry, I softly slipped through the pages of the summer issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today.. ohhhh my eyes fell upon a layout that was just waiting to be I mean scraplifted.. so I marked it for future reference.. near future that is.
Now that my creature is ready, I hunt out those elusive alphas.. oh yeah I will find the ones I want, never fear I am in full custome now, nothing will escape!
I slice and I snip, a little tar and feathers - but not on my layout, for that I use glue. Slip this one here and tuck that one there, line those up. Add a few words, and there we are, I have finished that Family Outing.

Things are going good but I have to take time to go read what everyone is posting, they are busy little gobblins, chatting up a storm.. trying to sidetrack me, that's what they are doing, but no, I am on a mission. Shhhhhh did you hear that??? No!!! Sorry, I have to stop giving him beans.. it is a definite distraction. Okay never mind, on to the next victi.. challenge.
"use black cardstock as a mat for your photos AND also as a mat for any pieces of patterned paper on your layout".. Oh I look good in black, this should be an easy one for me. I know the photo I want to use for this one too.. will be perfect with that layout I am going to ste.. scraplift. Thank you Greta Hammond. Time to rifle through some paper, go quietly now, we don't want to stir up anything. HA HA found what I wanted. Now I sneak over and grab the button can and rattle them all out into a box, only the blue bloods will do you know. Then I carefully attack the ribbons, nothing is safe from me tonight. WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!!! Never mind, just the cat trying to get a scrap piece of paper... phewww my heart can start beating again now.
I slide my hand into my craft bag and snatch the glue dots.. GOTCHA!!! Once again, a little sticky here and a lil sticky there and oh my "I Wish.." is finished.

BWAHAaaaaaaaaa hahahahaha HAHAHAHAHA... hhahahahhahahahahahaha
I think I will go chase the stupid cat and make her think I am going to pick her up. That will freak her out.


regulargal said...

You are too funny! lol Lovely LO's once again, love the arrangement on both.

Jacqueline said...

These are so gorgeous! Love them!

melody said...

awesome los crack me up! always great to start the day with a good laugh..thankx

Jean Marie said...

LOL!! I just love when you embellish your stories..always make me giggle!
Your los are great!

Run....Kitty Run!