Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Art Journalling

Yeppers, this art journalling is becoming an obsession with me.  I love working with all the different mediums, getting my fingers into everything and just playing with colour and texture.  Reminds a bit of when I was little, my favourite thing then was to get a new pack of crayons and a new colouring book.. oh how much I loved that!!  Now it is to watch the colours blend and to see how different mediums react.  Yes, this is fun!!

Here are a couple more that I have completed.

I received an email from my brother with some funny quotes and I loved this one so I had to do a page in my journal with it... just HAD to LOL  I think it could have used a bit more colour but I am still happy with it.

I am working on an Art Journal for a 52 weeks about me.
This is the introductory page for that journal. It is entitled "My Upside Down Life in 52 Weeks"

The first double page is about my routine of which I don't have one LOL     I really loved the way this page turned out.. a lot of work but well worth the effort.                               

The next one I think I already posted once but to keep my pages in order I will post it again. It was just another quote, that I loved and wanted to journal, about laughter. I think I should have used a lighter shade of purple on this one but I still like how the page turned out.

The next one is also about a quote and I also love the way this page turned out.

Here are a couple more single pages that I did in my regular Art Journal just for fun.

That's it for now,  remember to click on an image for a larger view!

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Pat said...

WOW!!!! These are freakin amazing!!