Saturday, June 1, 2013


Another month as come and gone. There is freaky weather happening all over the place, tornados, floods, fires, to name a few. Some cities have been wiped out leaving people with nothing. I pray that the people affected will have the strength and courage to make it through and to rebuild. I can't think what I would do if it happened to me. I just think of all my scrapbooks and photos still not scrapped.. if they were ever wiped away it would kill me.

Down a Dirt Road's June Kit Reveal

This months kit contained the Basic Grey's Hopscotch line. It was a great line to scrap with. So far I have completed three layouts and a card but I have a lot left over to do more with. Last month was a blur for me and I ended up pushing myself to get my projects done on the very last day so I feel that I have let Alicia down by not using up more of the product for the reveal, but I will use more of it during the month.

First up is "You Are Getting My Goat", as you know by now, I love animals and if we are out driving and I see one, it is a MUST to pull over and get a few shots. I loved this one of the goat, not sure what he was eating but he was sure working hard to get it.

The next one is "The Kids". Jack and Lucky will sleep anywhere. Especially Lucky, I think she has sleep apnea, she will be running around playing and suddenly she will just lie down whereever she is and go to sleep. However, when I get home from work, they meet me at the door and follow me to my chair and just love on me, each trying to push the other out of the way.

When we were walking on one of the trails I spotted this tree and just about killed my self laughing. Once I regained my composure I just had to have a picture of it. I mean how many times in your life are you going to see a pregnant tree?

My grandson is graduating from Grade 8 this month and of course we are very proud of him, he is graduating with the highest honours. That of course means we need a card to tuck a little something inside off.

I really love the hopscotch line because it is so versatile.

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Pat said...

Jackie you did that kit proud!! I cracked up @ the goat title!! Glad you got your mojo back!! Fantastic pages & card.