Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frustrated, Upset, Angry.. just a few words!!!

But those words all describe some of what I am feeling these days. Betrayed is another. I have been dealing with the Ontario and Canadian government system and it hasn't been a fun experience. I have learned that they are in place to screw you every time you turn around.

I have been on the Ontario Disability pension for over 20 years and although they are rigid they are not really hard to deal with, mind your p's and q's, do as they ask and you are okay. However, in January my husband started recieving his old age pension and CPP which he has paid into for his entire working life and my Disability was immediately cut off.  Dropped like a hot cake, leaving me with no drug coverage. He is making quite a bit less on his pension than I was on disability and now I have to cover my own drugs ( I take 32 pills per day, plus diabetic supplies), thank goodness his is covered under ODB but I am not 65 so it won't cover me.

Oh wait good news, since I turned 60 in May I am entitled to spousal support which will start in June.. wonderful that makes things a bit better.  What's this????? The spousal support will be deducted from my husbands old age pension?   Why does my support have to be deducted from his money?  Why bother to give it to me if you are going to just take from one hand to give to the other?  It just doesn't make any sense at all.

So okay, I apply for CPP - Disability.  Yes, there is a good likelihood that I will be approved.. now I am being told that if I am approved, that too will be deducted from my husbands old age pension!!  Why???  That pension is his, he has paid for it all his life, my income should have nothing to do with his.  Why is my own government treating us this way?  Why are we not allowed to have enough income to live on?  Are they afraid there will be too many seniors for the health care to take care off so they want some of us to starve to death?  I'm sure that is the only reason I can think of.

I have paid into the CPP eversince I was old enough to start working and I deserve my pension just has my husband deserves his.  This is no way to treat the people who are giving them mega pensions for life just for working for a few years. I think it is time to protest to our local MPs and MPPs.

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Pat said...

Hi Jackie
I hope you are feeling better about things. Life sucks sometimes.
here is a link with directions to make the gelli plate.