Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am having some blogger problems, most of the time I cannot connect so there haven't been much posting this past month.

I am also going through some rough times health wise. Between appointments, work, and sleep there haven't been much time to post even if I could connect.

I will try to do better but I have broken my camera and until I get my new one, yes a new one..( Darling hubby decided that considering all the problems I had with the old one not wanting to focus and the cost of repairing it that the best bet would be to replace it. Have I said lately how much I love that old fart? He means the world to me, so glad he said yes when I asked him if he would marry me 39 years ago :)).. I can't take pics of any layouts, not that I have done any of course.

I am anxiously looking forward to August 1st, have booked that week off work and we are planning to spend the week in Hamilton "doing" the Royal Botanical Gardens... can't wait as I have wanted to go there for years. :)


SusieJ said...

I've missed you Jackie! And so have lots of others on Flying Unicorn.
Sorry you're having computer problems. Even more sorry that you're having health problems...sending (((hugs))) and hope you're feeling better soon.
Love, Sue xx

Colleen said...

Hey lady, hang on things are going to get better. I miss seeing your works of art but I know they in your mind and will come to life soon. Sounds like a wonderful place to be taking a vacation.

Love you girl

Dryad said...

Ohhhh The Royal Botanical Gardens will be BEAUTIFUL this time of year! I hope your new camera does a better job for you.