Thursday, March 24, 2011

My new Best Friend

One of my customers raises and races horses. Now I am one of the biggest animal lovers you could ever find. Horses are tops on my list of favourites. I could spend my life with them. He has told me many times that any time I wanted to drop by to see his horses to feel free to do so, so the other day I did just that.

Oh my, I could have spent the entire day there. The horses were so darling. However there was one that I fell in totally in love with. It would seem that he had a "thing" for me too. I held my hand out to him and he gently nibbled it, then he nibbled his way up my sleeve, proceeded to nibble my neck on to my cheek where he nibbled at it. He followed me around and kept nibbling at me everywhere I went. He was a fascinating horse. Huge but so very gentle. You could lose yourself in his eyes. His name is Rocky and he is a Grand Champion.
The March 19th Going Green Layout challenge at Scrapbook Heaven was to use either the word green or the colour green in our title, and the challenge at SOS for Monday March 21st was to scraplift a layout from the gallery. I choose this layout by Carla.

And this is the layout I came up with for both challenges.

March 19th was Saturday sketch challenge at WeScrap, here is the sketch:

This is my take on the sketch.. those are photos my daughter shot while out canoeing the other day.

Ally's March challenge at WeScrap was to use squares as a background. I used a sketch from Sassy lil Sketches for this one. This showcases Stormy and Bo, two more of the fabulous horses.

That's it for now, more to come soon, I have several I need to catch up on.


Lindy said...

Beautiful layouts Jackie!

regulargal said...

Rocky is just beautiful - what a nice tone on the photo. Aren't they beautiful animals? I haven't spent too much time around them. There's racing here and I've always wanted to watch one. A couple summers ago I caught the end of one - but was horrified to hear the sound of the whipping. I had to leave right away. Was it really whipping? Do they still do that? I know the racing horses are a different breed than others but the whipping bothered me.

Carla said...

Thanks for scraplifting me :-)

Love how you used the squares in that last layout! NICE!!

Ali said...

Oh Jackie, what beautiful work. You have been such a Challenge master MEETING ALL THESE CHALLENGES these past few months- awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo!