Monday, January 17, 2011

Yikes!! I've been Busy.

My friend Colleen, the one who always comments on my blog, talked me into joining the Sisterhood of Scrap forum. Wow, they are super nice ladies over there. I felt right at home from the minute I joined. For the month of January they are having a "January White Sale" Challenge. There are ten different challenges and I have managed to get them all but that does NOT mean they are easy by any means.

Challenge #1.Since January is the first month of the New Year let's start with this challenge. Use something for every letter of the word January.
So you must fiqure out something for all the letters J-A-N-U-A-R-Y and incorporate them onto your project!

J is for for the jute I used behind the photos. A is for Aquatic in the title. N is for Nature which is the subject of the layout. U is for the word Unbelievable used and underlined in the journalling. A is for chipboard accent. R is for the Rhinestones, and Y is for the year written on the bottom of the layout.

Challenge #2.Crisp new linens… isn't that what a January White Sale is all about; getting crisp new linens for your bed. So for this challenge you need to use only things that you have bought or been given within the last 3 months. Nothing older than that on your project!!

I used papers from the kit I won from WeScrap in October and received in November. Even the photo is new. :)

Challenge #3.Don't you just love new fluffy towels, I know I do.
So for this challenge you need to use something soft on your project.
It could be material, pipe cleaners, felt, etc.

I used some yellow felt and cut a little birdie.

Challenge #4. Colors and prints were added to the white sale in the 1950s. So for this challenge let's use 4 different colors (could be paper, paint or flowers, etc) and 4 different patterned papers.

Here I have used the colours Purple, green, black and white. You can tell that my title is stickers because of the glare

Challenge #5.We all like to stock up on great deals... especially our scrappy stuff! For this challenge you can only use stuff that you have had in your possession for over a 1year.

This paper is from the very first pad of paper I bought when I started scrapping six years ago, and I even found an older photo to use with it.

Challenge #6.We know we all love to see the sticker price of the white sales and the lower the price the better.
I know you all have stickers around in your stash so pull them out and let me see
at least 4 different stickers on your project!!

The three stickers that I used were the two dolphins and the Warning sticker not to mention the alpha stickers.

Challenge #7.Nothing smells better than sheets hung on the clothesline!
You get that nice fresh smell, nothing is better than that.
So for this project, you need to hang something on it!!

I hung a "Joy" bracelet from the ribbon.

Challenge #8.We all know we must sort our clothes before we wash them… well… my dh doesn’t!!!
And we all know that if we put black and white together everything comes out dingy!
Let’s not do that!!!!
So for this challenge you can only use black and white ….. NOTHING ELSE!!!

I really had fun with this one. I bought this paper several years ago at the dollar store, it is Forever in Time, and it is all bling. It meant a lot of fussy cutting but it was well worth it. The photo don't do it justice because it looks much prettier in real life than it does in the photo.

Challenge #9.You just got brand new white sheets and put them on your bed and make a proper bed. Nice, tight so you can bounce a quarter off it. So keep that in mind and let’s see some money on your project, either in the title, embellishments or photos.

This one was a little trickier for me. I really had no idea where to go with it but once I decided to go digital with it, I had a blast. I googled "money" and came up with some pics that were usable and found a photo of my "dream" car and was off to the races LOL. I used papers from Crossed Emotions and used Paint Shop Pro to create the layout.

Challenge #10.In order to keep your whites white, you need to use bleach.
So use bleach on this challenge somehow, somewhere.
Either create the background using bleach or use a stamp dipped in bleach. Just use it!!

I have never ever used bleach on a layout before and was a little (okay a lot) nervous about doing it this time. I used a stencil to create a corner frame around my photos.

Also, during the week a challenge was issued to create a card. The challenge was that we had to use embossing on something other than paper on the card... (that was a toughie)... I embossed some vellum/foil that I had in my stash. I am not sure if it is vellum or foil or a mixture of both because it has characteristics of both. LOL
It is very very shimmery.

That's what I have been doing when I haven't been at work.


regulargal said...

Wow, you certainly have been busy. Look at all those LO's! Great job! I used to be active in an online forum too and loved it. I haven't been so involved in the last year or so tho and there's lots about it that I miss.

melody said...

holy scrappin momma ~ look at all those los ~ you've been one busy lady! awesome work chickie! LOVE LOVE LOVE that one of al! your journaling rawks..and the one of the how you added the bubble picture..nice touch!