Thursday, June 18, 2009

So much for the bland diet!!!

I think I am destined to be in pain LOL. I just can't eat plain food, I don't have it in me. I have to spice it up some or I just can't eat it, it's as simple as that! So I eat the good food and suffer the consequences. Thank Heavens for Tramoset and Imodium, at least they help keep me from suffering too much. :)
We have discovered a Chinese restaurant in Sarnia that is top notch.. believe me, they are a rarity around here. This one is scrumptious!!! The hot food is hot and the cold is cold... the buffet has a humongous selection to choose from.. all you can eat and believe me, I can eat an awful lot. The best thing about them is that they are cheap.. yeppers, Cheap. We can even afford to go there to eat. Oh my.. the mushrooms in Oyster sauce are to die for... yummy, the curried chicken is perfection, the honey garlic ribs are beyond description.. oh yeah they even have a sushi section too. :) They have quite a large seafood selection, which being a Newfie pleases me to no end. Crab legs, so many different kinds of shrimp that I couldn't name them all, smoked salmon, cheese crab, oysters, and I better not forget the scallops. :) This is on top of all the chinese dishes. Now I have gone and made myself hungry after eating a huge t-bone steak for dinner. Sheeeeeesh, can never fill the huge hole I call a stomach.
This week we went to visit the Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic site in Dresden. It was very interesting. The site commemorates the life of Josiah Henson, the Black slave who's biography inspired the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. It is built on part of the land where he lived. The Museum has a building that contains a lot of artifacts from that period and a lot of slave history, as well it has the last house that he lived in, another house from one of the fugitive slaves, the church, part of the sawmill they used and the Henson graveyard.
Now of course I learned about slavery in school and I have known of existence much the same as anyone else. I have to say though that walking through the site and standing in his house, sitting in the church.. it was a little over-whelming. It seemed to make it more personal. Looking at the whips, chains, the neck clamps and the other stuff almost made me cry. I couldn't possibly imagine the suffering they went through. I could almost hear them cry out. How could any human being treat another in that way? To think they were not even considered to be humans.. how did they stand under the burden! It is not that I learned anything new, it was just that I was brought a little closer and had my eyes opened. Not a pretty sight.
I don't know what this week will bring, we shall just have to wait and see. I am thinking about making a trip to the Moore Museum but it will depend on how well my money lasts LOL

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melody said...

hiya chickie! yep..don't think i could stand bland food either..ACK! that chinese restr. sounds yummy!
and what an historical site to see..i can only image the emotions you went through