Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just chillin'

We have enjoyed a beautiful sunny Easter Sunday here. We did wake up to a very cold house this morning though. The motor on the furnace decided to die sometime during the night so we when we woke up it was not very warm. Thank heavens we don't still have the same old landlord that we used to have or else we would still be sitting in the cold... she would never pay the extra money to have someone come and do the work on a weekend much less on Easter Sunday. Not this landlord, as soon as I phoned him he was on the phone calling around to find someone who could get out right away to fix it. Of course for the afternoon we really didn't need it, it warmed up to 52 degrees but didn't take long to chill down again once the sun made its departure. I am looking forward to next week, forecast is for temps in the 60's... yeah, bring it on, I can take it.
We have a tree in our backyard and I thought yesterday it was mighty nice of the neighbour who lives behind us to take the time to trim it... until I realized that he was stacking all the branches that he was cutting off against our shed. Whoa, wait a minute... first of all the tree is not on his property, it really didn't need any cutting, and we have no way to get rid of the branches. Needless to say the landlord was a tad bit disturbed by this behaviour as well. He is going to remove the branches for us but he is also going to have a chat with the neighbour. I think I see a fence in our future LOL. I also mentioned to the landlord that the house was a tad bit on the dirty side and that I was going to call the pressure washers and have them come and clean it. He immediately said no, he would do that, he would call the ones that does his farm equipment.. once again I was surprised.. landlords normally don't care about that kind of thing, oh well, it's $125 saved for me and I like that. I just hate a dirty house where you are afraid that your clothes will brush against it and get filthy.
I am working on an album for my friend. Sorry, I won't be posting any photos of those layouts. She saw it yesterday for the first time and was estatic with what I have done so far. Which is about 28 pages and I have I would judge about another 10 -12 to do. I also have not been feeling well now for over 2 months, I had hoped it would just clear up and go away but it is now getting worse and I am starting to get scared. On one hand I know it isn't anything but something stupid like my diet which I really do need to get a handle on and cut out the pop but on the other hand I am terrified that it might be something serious. The fear of making a complete fool of myself by going to emerg to find nothing wrong other than my diet completely overcomes the fear that something serious is wrong. I am sure that if something serious is wrong, I will find out soon enough. In the meantime, I have to start looking after myself better. Pop has to go, so do all the sweets that I eat.. after all I am diabetic.

That is about all that is happen... oh wait, I forgot LOL I completely changed around my scrap room. I have found that bending myself in half everytime to enter or exit my scrap room was starting to have a side effect, or should we call it a back effect.. I didn't have anything in the way of pain killers strong enough to kill the back pain anymore. So, I took another room. It took me sometime to move everything out of the other room and slowly bit by bit move my scraproom into it but I succeeded. It isn't as convenient as the other room was in the way I had to set it up, the room is wider but shorter... so things are not at my fingertips anymore. You have to give up something in order to gain another. LOL

There, now that is all the happenings around here. I should soon be getting back to the birdwatching because the birds should be coming in soon... can't wait!!!


Dryad said...

Ugh. Back pain SUCKS. My hubby goes through it on a regular basis. I have become an expert massasuse (or however you spell it). Your scrapbooking room in that spare room makes more sense. You rarely have company that spends the night for a spare bedroom.

Whatever happens with your health, just remember that I am here for you. I know! If what is wrong with you is chronic, you can move in HERE! You would have a number of people looking out for you! (I can see you cringing now...hehehe) I'm just kidding. I wouldn't do that to you. Not until the kids are much older, anyways. *giggle* I will be there for you. I love you, mom.

My thoughts and my prayers are with you. Have a good day!

melody said...

that's kewl..about the's always nice to have one working *with you*
sorry to hear you haven't been feelin're in my thoughts and prayers