Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been a long day..

I am tired tonight and my legs hurt, my back hurts and I just want my bed. I sat down to watch some TV after I got home from work and the Stupid Cat just had to lie in my lap the entire time.. I swear she weighs a ton... okay at least 10 pounds then. Since we moved she has become awfully sucky, always wanting to be on someone's lap or lying beside them in the chair. If we come upstairs to be on the computers she follows us and just sits here bawling at us until one of us goes back downstairs. She has taken to sleeping on my face again at night after I fall asleep... now how do I know this if I am already asleep? Because I wake up with my eyes glued shut and unable to breath through my nose.. I am allergic to the darn thing! I swear she knows this and does it deliberately.

We had such a beautiful day here today, oh my gosh I really didn't want to work let me tell you. I would have much preferred to spend the day outside. Of course I did spend every second between customers outside. My boss pulled up at one point and I was standing outside having a cigarette with one of my customers and reminded me that I was supposed to be working but I told him I was on strike... he said "Oh.. ok, wat I do with you?" laughed and left. I love my bosses and they know I would never do anything to harm their business, that if I was having a smoke with a customer it was because I knew the customer and that the customer was more than willing to wait. In this instance it was the customer's suggestion because he had some things he wanted to talk to me about.

I am very excited because I learned about a new software program for the Cricut. It is called SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) and it allows you to use any True Type fonts on your computer to cut with your Cricut... Yippeeee no more paying $89 per cartridge and I can use my favourite fonts. I downloaded the demo version and it works just as it says it will. Only thing is that you can't use the stuff you cut with the demo version because it cuts a lot of lines through it to make it useless, but it sure cuts enough to make you want the program. LOL Now to convince my darling daughter that Mother's Day and birthday is coming soon and $75 is really not a big price to pay for it. ... she might go for it. Oh well if she don't, Alan will or at least I will tell him he did :)

Oh yeah, scrapping and layouts... of course I have been creating layouts! Well did you really think I hadn't? Missi has been helping me lately, she rearranged my paper several times and sorted my mini brads. No wait... she spilled my mini brads, I sorted them. She thought my ribbons were too wide and tried to make them narrower but alas and alack for her, she's been declawed so all that happened was that she got to play with them for a while. I told you, she's got real sucky lately and wants to be with me where ever I am. She's not quiet about it either. Oh no, it's Meow this and Meow that... you know she's a female cause she never shuts up. Stupid cat.
Oh yeah.. sidetracked for a minute.. layouts..(mind is going you know..cats fault of course).. no particular order or why they were created, just gonna post them.


GinniG said...

Jackie, hope your cat settles down soon. She's probably worried you're gonna move again and leave her behind. Hehe! You probably wish you could! ;) LOVE all your LOs!!!

Chele said...

Oh wow, that's a lot of pages! I'm jealous...I haven't ever been able to create that many!

I also hope your cat settles down!

Colleen said...

Beautiful layouts Jackie. Can't wait to see what you do when you get SCAL. By the way I bought mine here for $60.00

melody said...

wow ~ lots of creations chickie ~ so great to see!
hope you're cat settles down soon ~ hugz