Friday, February 6, 2009

Grade 8 Graduation

Considering that this event took place quite a few years ago you can say that I am a slow scrapbooker. However, I haven't been scrapping all that long either and I just dug these photos out of a box. Janet was Mistress of Ceremonies for her grade 8 graduation, she also won an award for History. We are so proud of her achievements over the years. Our best friends attended her graduation ceremony so was there for this part of her journey.

1993 was a very rough year for me. I spent most of the year in the hospital with severe depression. Most of the time when I would get day passes, I would spend the time at a place we knew off where there were lots of groundhogs. It was so peaceful there and we could sit down and the groundhogs would climb all over us looking for bread or doughnuts.. whatever we had taken to feed them. It was the only time that I could seem to come close to suppressing the depression that always threatened to swallow me. There I could just relax and be almost "normal".


Colleen said...

Great layouts Jackie. I especially like the 2nd one.

Anonymous said...

Both layouts are awesome Jackie! I just love the colors that you use. That is so neat to see the pics of you with the groundhogs. I used to watch one that lived across the street from us in the park when I was first married, but have never seen one close up. I didn't know that they would even come close to people.

~ melody zahara ~ said...

wow ~ love how you did the second lo ~ and that flower is YUMMY! beautiful work chickie