Monday, October 27, 2008

Eastern Grass Owl

Not an awful lot to say about this owl. Its a bird. I dug out my chatterbox for this one, really now honestly I did use my chatterbox. I know the only way anyone would believe this is by seeing it.. I tend to horde that stuff. Since I worked today there isn't much else happening here. I am starting to get a wee bit nervous but I am sure I will get over it by wednesday afternoon.
Here is my owl and I think it is the last of the owls, maybe even the last of the birds.

I may work on another layout tonight but I doubt it. With the fall weather comes my fall... I hate the days getting dark so early, I hate the cold it makes me feel like I am ancient..okay so I am ancient that doesn't mean I should have to feel it! All I wanna do after supper anymore is just go to bed.


Tara said...

Great page and amazing photos Jackie!

melody said...

lovin those owl pics..and yummy flowers jackie! awesome lo

jazsutra said...

ure good with yr photography jackie! thx for faithfully coming by my blog and leave lovely comments that always make me smile ;) the black cat i use in my haloween challenge LO is cut out from daisy d's pattern paper ;)